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Mission Statement

  In June of 2019 Fly High Youth Service, Inc. was established as a 501 (c) 3 not-for profit organization with the purpose of providing a safe haven where inner-city youth participate in a comprehensive program of tennis and academic tutoring that promotes the physical, educational and life skills necessary to prepare and empower them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives.   

Vision Statement

 In life, we must make sure that our actions and intentions correspond with our dreams. The primary focus of this Fly High Youth Services, Inc. is to support youth to have an action that's in alignment with the dreams that will develop or are already dormant in your heart. Having a clear, focused intention helps community to achieve the reality of their dreams.   


 Fly High Youth Services, Inc. will provide services for youth and families. 

We serve youth,  and families through a diverse spectrum of programs and services in our network.  Help and hope comes in the form of mentors, staff, volunteers’ educational classes and resource referrals within the community to agencies and churches. 

 Providing Direct Services
Fly High Youth Services, Inc. design and deliver services and interventions for homeless and at-risk children and their families and help prepare at-risk youth to become successful adults. All of these services are driven by our goal of securing and supporting lifelong family connections for all, adults and youth.
 Strengthening Families
Fly High Youth Services, Inc. realizes that providing opportunities for vulnerable children requires helping parents to secure the resources, connections, and skills they need to support, nurture, and provide for them today.   

Youth Services 

Fly High Youth Services, Inc. youth services are designed to improve the odds that delinquent youth can make successful transitions to adulthood, primarily by providing services so fewer youth are locked up, family-focused interventions, and create opportunities for positive youth development. 

Our Instructors, Staff, Volunteers and Mentors

Our instructors, staff, mentors and volunteers are available to work with our all ages at all levels. Some instructors work in the school system, encouraging high school students, while others work in colleges and universities, inspiring, mentoring and instructing youth and young adult.   

Location of Services

  • Schools 
  • Library 
  • Park Districts 
  • Churches 



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